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Benefits of VoIP

Reduce Costs, Get More Business & Improve Service Reduce Costs, Get More Business & Improve Service
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Reduce Costs, Get More Business & Improve Service

Does changing my phone system not mean that I’m going to spend more £££’s?

You’d think so, wouldn’t you but let’s look at the real costs or lack of them, in more detail.

Direct costs – When you switch to using Hosted VoIP there should be minimal or no capital expenditure. Why? Well, because you only need an internet connection and a computer – both of which we reckon you already have or will need for other business uses anyway, the only other essential item will be something to make and take your calls on which could be either a VoIP phone handset – starting at around £35 or a free softphone that sits on your computer screen and is used with a USB connected headset – about £25. There is no other equipment required.

Which also means there should be no installation costs – just plug the VoIP phones into network points, your internet router or a switch – which we also reckon you’ll need for the rest of your business – and you’re ready to start saving even more money.

If you need to add phones, numbers or extensions for new people, it’s as easy and quick as a couple of mouse clicks and plugging in another phone. No expensive engineer visits or admin charges.

If you want to re-route some or all calls to another location or number either temporarily or permanently you can do it yourself with another couple of mouse clicks – no expensive engineer visits required. Ever.

When you need to move premises, simply unplug the phones and plug them in at your new location – there is no need to spend anything on decommissioning and reinstalling your system.

What about maintenance costs though? Well, as all the expensive hardware is owned and located by the VoIP service provider, they take care of it and you having nothing extra to pay. Same goes for otherwise expensive software upgrades.

Then there’s the cost of calls; compared to conventional suppliers VoIP calls tend to offer savings of between 20 – 60% depending of course on your provider, the destination you’re calling, the time of day and whether it’s a landline or mobile number. Savings on calls to mobiles and International destinations can be spectacular.

Want to use your mobile on your VoIP service to save even more money? Easy! Download one of many apps readily available, connect to wi-fi and start making cheap calls and saving £££’s.

Indirect costs – VoIP changes for the better the way you do business and helps you get more business. Still advertising a mobile number for customers to contact you? Ever wondered how many more enquiries you might get with a “proper” landline number for customers to call but maybe you’ve no-one sitting in an office waiting to answer them? Well, using a VoIP service with a landline number rather than a mobile means the small business or sole trader gets more enquiries – even if the calls are actually routed to your mobile!

Ever wished you could have answered more of the enquiries your expensive advertising and marketing generated? Well, with VoIP you can with a couple of mouse clicks, set up infinite combinations of call diverts, call forwarding, professional standard messaging and voicemail to ensure that you need never miss a single call. Ever.

Ever feel your business struggles to compete with bigger organisations to attract customers? Well, VoIP lets you compete on a level playing field. Every feature you’ll find on a big business phone system is suddenly at your fingertips and all for pennies. Take on the big boys, win and save money!

Make your grumpy, tight-fisted Finance Director ecstatic! Switch to VoIP today.


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Big Business Features – for Small Business Money. You May Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression.

Still using a mobile number in your marketing? How much new business are you losing?

When you’re looking through the local paper or Googling for a plumber/electrician/decorator/driving instructor… the list of small businesses out there is endless and competition is fierce… if you have a choice between two identical ads, one with a mobile contact number and one with a landline, which one will you call first?

Our guess is the landline, for several reasons:

  • It gives the impression that the advertiser is big enough to have an office or a permanent base of some kind, possibly big enough to have employees to answer the phone and provide some information.
  • A business landline implies that someone will answer within normal business hours.
  • If they are contractors we may have a better chance of getting an answer – the busy contractor should be too busy doing stuff for customers to be constantly answering their mobile!

Regardless of the size or location of your business, with VoIP you can have a proper landline number (or many) for a few pounds each and in a few seconds set it to divert calls to any other number you choose, or even a whole string of numbers until the call finds you. Now, if you’re running one of these small businesses we just talked about you can maximise the chances of getting your share of new business enquiries and still answer them on your mobile, without your customer being aware that you’re half way up a ladder/under a kitchen sink/in the passenger seat… delete as appropriate.

Are you a Jack of All Trades but want to appear bigger to your customers? In business, the perception of scale can matter!

When you call almost any large organisation you tend to be answered with “For sales enquiries press one, for existing orders press two, for customer accounts press three, for technical support press four…..” or something similar.

The more complex of these Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems drive us all mad for sure but the simpler ones do three things

  • Create the impression that this is an organisation with a number of departments, probably staffed by a number of people.
  • Direct the call to the best person available to help as quickly as possible without being put on hold and transferred.
  • Save the organisation using a good IVR the cost of employing a Receptionist.

Regardless of the size of your business – there may only be you – an IVR can, for a few pounds, help create a professional image, perhaps make your business appear larger, and save you money. Even if you personally answer every call that comes in – by then the caller has forgotten that they pressed 9 for overdue accounts!

Trying to attract customers nationally but based in a bedsit at one end of the country?

Although the Web has made it easier for small businesses to trade nationally and globally, for many customers, particularly those for whom the internet remains a bit of a curiosity, a channel possibly perceived as untrustworthy, a local business will usually secure their attention and custom more readily than one that appears geographically remote. After all, if the supplier is based “just down the road” then the customer has that perception of being able to remedy any issues in person.

Regardless of where your organisation is based, VoIP allows you to have virtual offices the length and breadth of the country and even internationally by advertising numbers with any geographical or international prefix.

  • Want to have a chain of virtual offices UK wide, all with local numbers?
  • Or maybe a presence in the US, Hong Kong and Europe?

VoIP lets you do just that from a few pounds per number. The fact that you are answering all the calls yourself (in your bedsit) doesn’t matter – you got the enquiry that you’d otherwise have missed and you can begin your climb to global domination!

How long are you happy to listen to a ringing tone while waiting for your call to be answered?

I guess that varies depending on your level of patience, but for most people anything over five seconds becomes a bit tiresome. More than ten seconds and the odds on you hanging up increase exponentially.

  • What if the ringing tone was replaced by some interesting music?
  • What about relevant product or service update information?
  • What about a poem of the day?

Some might say that would make things worse but we find that call abandonments reduce provided you choose your messaging or music carefully.

Regardless of the size of your organisation VoIP lets you apply queue treatments like these, usually at no extra cost whatsoever. So, whether your target market enjoys soothing Sinatra or some gory death metal you can stand out from the crowd and keep your valuable customers on the line just a little longer.

Ever need to get several callers together for a group discussion or demo an online product?

Big businesses treat conference calls as routine and their customers often expect to be involved in one at some point, particularly if making big buying decisions. Conventional telephone service providers tend to charge top dollar to provide conference facilities.

  • Would a regular conference call with key account customers help cement your relationships?
  • How much incremental business could you secure by inviting selected accounts to product or service update calls?
  • How much could you save by conducting product or service demonstrations over a conference call and screen-share session?

Regardless of the size of your organisation VoIP providers can set up a fully featured conference room with a geographical number, participant and leader PIN access and unlimited participants for a few pounds.

Do you ever lose business or irritate customers by missing important voicemails?

Missing a voicemail can be just as costly as missing a call. Modern voicemail retrieval can be complex and often vulnerable unless you maintain a rigorous password protection regime.

  • Prospects leaving voicemails are in the mood to buy… now!
  • Customers leaving voicemails need your attention… now!
  • Accessing and listening to voicemails held in conventional phone systems or mobiles can be complex and time-consuming and present security risks.

Regardless of the size of your organisation, VoIP enables you to have all your voicemails delivered to you immediately by email – click to hear an MP3 recording of the voicemail, replay it any time or store it for future reference. What could be easier… or cheaper? Usually this is a feature included in the basic VoIP number service charge.

Discuss all of this and more with us by requesting a call back today!

Cloud Hosting

What Does All This “Fully Hosted” or “Cloud” Stuff Actually Mean?

At VoIP Broker we’re big fans of VoIP service providers who deliver Fully Hosted VoIP.

In fact we will rarely recommend anything else, unless your circumstances and requirements are truly extraordinary.

Fully Hosted is often referred to as “In the Cloud”.  Either way, it just means that all the hardware, software and infrastructure needed to deliver the service are owned, maintained and managed by the service provider. The best providers ensure the security, stability and most importantly the system’s availability by physically placing the equipment in totally secure data centres – either their own or more commonly those operated by a specialist data centre provider. Your internet connection allows you to connect to the service provider’s equipment and access their Fully Hosted VoIP Service.

Fully Hosted VoIP changes for the better the way you do business. Offering a “proper” landline number for customers to call rather than a mobile means the small business or sole trader gets more enquiries – even if the calls are actually routed to your mobile! Whatever the size of your business you need never miss a call again with intelligent routing and forwarding, and professional standard voice-mail delivered to your email.

The top 5 advantages of using Fully Hosted VoIP rather than any other form are:

  1. Simplicity – the best providers make sure everything is easy to set up and operate without any special knowledge.
  2. No Capital Costs – the cost to the customer is negligible as the equipment is bought, operated, upgraded and maintained by the service provider and each customer will only pay a tiny fraction of the overall, actual cost – typically as part of the cost of each phone number, extension or service charge.
  3. Features – the best providers load their services with all the features you expect to find on big business phone systems. IVR (press 1 for sales, 2 for service….etc), call recording, “follow me” call routing, voicemail sent to email, fax to email, music on hold, music or messages while ringing, predictive auto diallers, comprehensive reporting & analytics and easy integration with Customer Relationship Management database systems.
  4. Speed – setting up or changing anything is pretty much instant. Forget about waiting times to get connected, choose numbers or add phones for new people. At worst, an email or a phone call will get your request activated immediately and usually, you can make changes yourself, quickly and easily through your customer web page.
  5. People Costs – the customer does not need to invest in employing technical staff to operate any equipment or configure any software. Paying for maintenance visits by engineers becomes a thing of the past. All the tricky stuff is taken care of by the service provider.

“How do I evaluate who the best providers are and select the best service for my business?” we hear you ask.

Well, you can spend days or weeks trawling the web, reading up on all the offerings and trying to make sense of the often impenetrable jargon, technical detail and pricing data… or give VoIP Broker a call. We’ll ask you some brief but vital questions, get a thorough understanding of what you need your system to do and then – only then, will we make some recommendations about what would suit your business best, who will provide it and for how much (or little!) and we’ll help get your order placed and ensure what you need is delivered. Easy!

Get more business and improve customer service today by contacting us.

Call Centres

Several established VoIP providers now offer comprehensive, fully hosted packages that level the playing field whether you have two or three agents or several hundred and whether they are in one or multiple locations or even home based.

Including intelligent Predictive Diallers for optimum outbound efficiency, IVR, Call Recording, Call Monitoring, Call Transfers and Forwarding, Queue Management, Agent, Team and Queue Analytics and much, much more from 50p per day per agent and no capital expenditure.

Hosted Call Centre VoIP is the obvious way forward if you’re telemarketing or call handling in any sector or environment.

Read about how VoIP is revolutionising operations, driving efficiency and slashing costs on our blog here.

Revenue Generation

Still Viewing Your Phone System As a Cost Rather Than a Revenue Generator?

Whatever your business, there are potential customers out there you’ve never spoken to and who may never have heard of you. What’s the best way to reach them? Well, all the tried and tested methods are there to be used – your website, direct mail, advertising… or how about picking up the phone and giving them a call?

Why do big organisations have dedicated telemarketing teams calling prospective customers? Why do big organisations make courtesy calls to keep in touch with existing customers? Because it works!

Now, you may not be in a position where you can dedicate hundreds of people to making marketing calls but how about starting with one, even part time? When there is no real cost to putting the phone system in place with VoIP and you may want to reward your telemarketer with some form of payment by results, what have you got to lose? Get on the phone and start generating revenue!

Or maybe you feel you’ve saturated the local market but you’re struggling to attract business from outside your local area? With VoIP you can have phone numbers for enquiries in any UK and most International locations. See our case study on a small removal business that went national overnight and has grown massively just because they can advertise their services as “local” the length and breadth of the UK. If it works for them, could it work for you?

Are you operating a professional practice? Are you a Solicitor, Accountant, Property Professional or Recruiter? Need to bill clients for time spent on phone calls? Well, with VoIP, most providers make it easy to identify exactly who spoke to whom, for how long, at what number and at what time. And with VoIP it’s so easy to make a recording of the call available as verification if necessary.

Managing a Business Centre or Incubation Unit or thinking of opening one? VoIP allows you to instantly provide an enterprise level phone service to all tenants with individual phone numbers and extensions and bill them at enhanced margins if you wish. The same model can apply equally well to Hotels, Student Accommodation or pretty much any multi-tenanted situation.

Are you in the IT or Telecoms business already? Many VoIP Service Providers operate Partner Programmes where you can act as an Introducer or a full Reseller. We know who does what – give us a call now!

Switch to VoIP and start earning today!