VoIP Broker

How VoIP Broker Works!


Step One

You contact us by phone, email or highly trained carrier pigeon. Whichever is preferable…


Step Two

We’ll ask a few research questions, including:

  • what phone system, if any, do you currently use?
  • who uses it and what for?
  • what works for you and what doesn’t?
  • and most importantly, what you want your ideal system to do?

Step Three

We’ll use all that information to carefully consider what the best available solution is, look for the best price/quality balance and only once we have done all of that, will we make a recommendation of a product and service provider along with best the very price we can negotiate for you.

If we don’t feel VoIP is right for you, we’ll tell you why.

Only offering the very best advice is paramount!


Step Four

We will liaise with the service provider to get everything in place and make sure you are happy with your new service and we will keep in touch to ensure things stay that way.


Step Five

There’s no fee for seeking our advice. You only pay your VoIP service provider. There is no charge to you for our service.