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How VoIP Works!

How VoIP Works

Do I need to wear an aerial on my head?

No rocket science required! In fact, nothing complicated at all. Just a broadband internet connection, a computer and a phone. We’ll check that what you have will work, and give you the best advice where it won’t.

How VoIP Works

Do I get a proper phone number?

You betcha! You might be able to transfer your existing number to your new provider or just choose as many new numbers as you want – in whatever area codes you need.

How VoIP Works

But I need help working the TV remote!

The VoIP providers we recommend will be happy to help you get your phone connected to your service over a phone call or by email, and they’ll help you if you run into anything difficult. All at no extra cost.

How VoIP Works

Do I need to know Morse code to make calls?

Once you’re set up, you just make and take calls in the same way you’ve always done. VoIP will let you access all the features usually only available to Big Business Phone Systems, for a tiny fraction of the cost. You’ll have the whole world at your finger tips before you know it!